A letter to the Family
The relationships between family members are based on love and respect.
All family members are valuable and an essential part of the family.
All family members have a right to his / her own opinion; all family members must express his/her opinion with gentleness and respect.
No family member can be disowned.
No family member can have love and respect withdrawn.
No family member should make public statements against other family members.
All problems or disputes among family members should be handled in private, with the goal of restoring love and respect between the disputing parties.
All family members should make themselves available to act as arbitrators in disputes.
All family members should be willing to assist other family members to be successful or to help them in their time of need - when they are able to do so.
All family members must internalize the fact that the success or failure of a single-family member casts a reflection on the success or failure of the entire family.
The rule of love and respect is more powerful and enduring than the rule of control and ridicule.

James M Overton III
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